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While I’ve written many books now over the course of my career, these DADDY books I’ve written for Disney have taken on a life of their own. And some of the stories I hear from fans when I do book signings really zing me in the heart in a good and meaningful way.

For example, one of the most memorable stories was this time when I was doing a signing and there was a long line and I was personalizing books as I usually do. Some people ask me to make the copy out to the father. “Sign it to Jeff.” Others ask me to make it out to the kids. “Sign that one for Emma and Chase.” I write a nice little note, sometimes take a picture, you know, I do what authors do.

Then this lady comes up – a regular girl – probably in her late 20’s – and she asks me to sign the book very specifically. She tells me to please write, “Dear Daddy… guess what?”

And that was the way she told her husband that she was pregnant with her first child. She gave him my book had it wrapped and when he opened it POOF! That’s how she broke the news.

So incredible, huh? It’s just amazing how many people who have told me, “Oh, I know a daddy who this’ll be perfect for. It’s like mommies and grandmas are my best audience cause I write the funny children’s picture books in which they see the true essence of their own husbands, sons or sons-in-laws on display and in full color.

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