A New Day

by Anonymous

What has happened has happened. If you've had a difficult day, or month, or year, it does no good to dwell on your unfortunate experiences. Move on past them. Avoid the temptation to feel sorry for yourself or to enlist the pity of others. Your troubles are in the past so there is no reason whatsoever for dismay.

Get up and get going. The future is completely open and filled with an unlimited supply of positive possibilities. Today is a new day and you are fortunate enough to be living it. Furthermore, you can decide precisely how to live this day. You can determine what will become of it. Don't look backward with regret or contempt. Look forward with gratitude and excitement.

Your attitude right now matters more than anything that could have ever happened in the past. Forget about making excuses. Focus on making a difference. Every bit of negativity you've ever experienced is now in the past. Do yourself a big favor and leave it there.

For EducatorsAmanda B